It's Jazz! I'm here to write a bunch of stories about Diggy Simmons! So tell me what you think because I like feedback! Message Up! :D  Jetsetter(s) Setting Off


adorablelis asked
How are you? :)

I’m really good!

How are you hun? :D


How are you all? Are you all good? I haven’t talked to you guys in so long! So how have you all been doing? Tell me anything and everything! :D

Anonymous asked
Do you have a girlfriend


Anonymous asked
not trying to be rude ... would you ever change your pic of him? he look way different now... ☺☺☺

Well I don’t come on here anymore really, but I’ll change it if it bothers you that much, hun :)

nostalicia asked
Why are people thinking you're Diggy? 😂

I don’t know! I’m not Diggy :S

Anonymous asked
Can I have the link to all your stories please?😁💕

Go HERE for all the stories. 

Go HERE for all the sequels. 

Enjoy reading :)

Anonymous asked
Diggy I was wondering can you give me some tickets please I'm a big fan I love you

I would like tickets myself, but I’m not Diggy hun! :)

Anonymous asked
do u 'ike fat girls

I see nothing wrong with any girl, as long as you’re happy with yourself, but I’m not Diggy, hun. Sorry to disappoint! 

Anonymous asked
:-) Hi my names Ayanna I'm your fan I'm going to ask you something are you in college now?

Hi Ayanna! 

Yes, I’m in university now :D

kodekouture asked
Is ot going to be a sequel to " this wasnt a mistake "

I don’t know…maybe?