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Can I have the link to all your stories please?😁💕

Go HERE for all the stories. 

Go HERE for all the sequels. 

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Diggy I was wondering can you give me some tickets please I'm a big fan I love you

I would like tickets myself, but I’m not Diggy hun! :)

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do u 'ike fat girls

I see nothing wrong with any girl, as long as you’re happy with yourself, but I’m not Diggy, hun. Sorry to disappoint! 

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:-) Hi my names Ayanna I'm your fan I'm going to ask you something are you in college now?

Hi Ayanna! 

Yes, I’m in university now :D

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Is ot going to be a sequel to " this wasnt a mistake "

I don’t know…maybe?

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Hi diggy I'm Biney and can I be your friend?

Ummm…I don’t know how to break this to you hun, but…I’m not Diggy…

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Think you soo much (The chick from twitter ❤️❤️) love your writing

Thanks hun! :)

The Line! {A Diggy Simmons Love Story}

Chapter 3

I was pulled into a chest. I didn’t know who it was or how they got there so quickly, but I didn’t care. I buried my face into their familiar smell and clutched onto their shirt. No tears were coming. There still weren’t any tears.


“What’re you working on?” I asked Dan as I jumped up and down on the sofa. He only hid his laptop away from me again before I could look at the screen.

“I’m working on something.” He replied.

“Working on what!” I whined. I slumped back into my spot on the sofa and crossed my arms over my chest. What was he hiding from me?

“Just something Cat.”

“Come on! You can tell me! I’ll keep it a secret.” I tried to make my offer sound appealing to him, but he only looked at me for a second before turning his head back towards his laptop. I sighed and closed my eyes. “You never hide anything from me.”

“I know and I’ll show you what it is…”I opened my eyes and looked at him with a smile, “soon.” And my smile dropped form my face and I sighed again.


“What in the world are you doing? You’ve been glued to that laptop for days!” I said as I walked back form the kitchen and to my comfortable spot on the sofa.

“I’m almost done Cat.”

“No Dan – you’ve been hiding something from me for the past little while and it’s not fair, so I suggest you tell me what the hell you’re up to.” Daniel let out a defeated sigh as his fingers quickly wiped across the keyboard.

“Okay, but promise not to laugh.” He said.

“Scouts honour!” I said as I placed my hand over my heart.

“You were never a scout…”

“Don’t sweat the minor details, now tell me what you’ve been doing.” And before I knew it music was playing from his laptop speakers. I sat and waited for someone to start singing, but instead I got Daniel. I looked at him with a surprised look, but he only looked away from. He waited until the song was done to make eyes contact.


“Dan…that was so good! Why didn’t you tell me before that you were making music?” I asked him.

“Because I wanted to keep it a secret from everyone.” He said.

“Well you certainly got your dad’s talent…oh Dan this is great!” I said and swung my arms around him to give him a giant hug. He laughed and hugged me back.

“Thanks Cat. I’m happy you like it.” He said. I leaned back and smiled at him before patting his cheek and saying,

“Now show me what else you’ve got.”


That song kept playing in my head. That beat, the tune, the rhythm, his words. That was the very first song that I fell in love with instantly, but now I only feared that I would never hear it again. Instead all I would hear is a constant ringing sound in my ears. That deafening ringing sound. 

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Pleassseee continue the story :(

Wait 3 hours and the next chapter will be up!

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I fucking love you!!! You dedicate so much time to this blog, thanks!

I love you too! :D