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The Line! {A Diggy Simmons Love Story}

Chapter 3

I was pulled into a chest. I didn’t know who it was or how they got there so quickly, but I didn’t care. I buried my face into their familiar smell and clutched onto their shirt. No tears were coming. There still weren’t any tears.


“What’re you working on?” I asked Dan as I jumped up and down on the sofa. He only hid his laptop away from me again before I could look at the screen.

“I’m working on something.” He replied.

“Working on what!” I whined. I slumped back into my spot on the sofa and crossed my arms over my chest. What was he hiding from me?

“Just something Cat.”

“Come on! You can tell me! I’ll keep it a secret.” I tried to make my offer sound appealing to him, but he only looked at me for a second before turning his head back towards his laptop. I sighed and closed my eyes. “You never hide anything from me.”

“I know and I’ll show you what it is…”I opened my eyes and looked at him with a smile, “soon.” And my smile dropped form my face and I sighed again.


“What in the world are you doing? You’ve been glued to that laptop for days!” I said as I walked back form the kitchen and to my comfortable spot on the sofa.

“I’m almost done Cat.”

“No Dan – you’ve been hiding something from me for the past little while and it’s not fair, so I suggest you tell me what the hell you’re up to.” Daniel let out a defeated sigh as his fingers quickly wiped across the keyboard.

“Okay, but promise not to laugh.” He said.

“Scouts honour!” I said as I placed my hand over my heart.

“You were never a scout…”

“Don’t sweat the minor details, now tell me what you’ve been doing.” And before I knew it music was playing from his laptop speakers. I sat and waited for someone to start singing, but instead I got Daniel. I looked at him with a surprised look, but he only looked away from. He waited until the song was done to make eyes contact.


“Dan…that was so good! Why didn’t you tell me before that you were making music?” I asked him.

“Because I wanted to keep it a secret from everyone.” He said.

“Well you certainly got your dad’s talent…oh Dan this is great!” I said and swung my arms around him to give him a giant hug. He laughed and hugged me back.

“Thanks Cat. I’m happy you like it.” He said. I leaned back and smiled at him before patting his cheek and saying,

“Now show me what else you’ve got.”


That song kept playing in my head. That beat, the tune, the rhythm, his words. That was the very first song that I fell in love with instantly, but now I only feared that I would never hear it again. Instead all I would hear is a constant ringing sound in my ears. That deafening ringing sound. 

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Pleassseee continue the story :(

Wait 3 hours and the next chapter will be up!

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I fucking love you!!! You dedicate so much time to this blog, thanks!

I love you too! :D

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OMG this story is amazing! I NEED more

I’ll post another chapter when I get back from lecture! :D

3 hours!

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You can't leave us with such suspense! You're killing me! It's so amazing after 2 chapters! You are honestly such an amazing writer and I'm glad you're back! xxx

Thanks hun!

I’ll update today when I get back from lecture okay?

Start counting down…like…3 hours! :D

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lol he's all being protective and stuff :'D awww but oooh this is getting so intense I wanna know if she's in a coma or something :o

I wanna know too!


2 Year Anniversary!

Guys….this blog has just turned 2 years old today…OMG! WHAT?! Where has the time gone?

Well let me just say a few things. Thank you to everyone who has read my stories, but thank you to everyone who has been with me through some hard times! I love you all so much and I hope you all know that! I will never take this blog down because I know so many of you still like to read over the stories. 

Thank you for everything! I could have never asked to be loved by so many lovely readers! I love you all so much that I’m pretty sure I can’t put it in words! 

Thank you all so much. 

I love you all so much! <3

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So many questions!!!

I know, right! OMG! :O

The Line! {A Diggy Simmons Love Story}

Chapter 2

I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my body. They pulled me to their chest, but my mind still couldn’t register who it was. My body was numb against theirs. I didn’t know how I was going to go on from this. This was the end of me.


“Someone took my bag!” I ran towards Daniel with my arms flailing. He looked at me as he closed his locker door. I gave him a worried look.


“Someone took my backpack Dan! It had all my stuff in it…”I trailed off as I thought about how I was going to explain to my dad how I lost all my stuff.

“Do you have any idea on who would’ve taken it?” He asked me. I thought for a second before looking up at him again.

“One of the guys from the football team I think. I saw them around my locker last and they were looking a little weird.” He sighed at my comment.

“It also doesn’t help how you’re always telling them off.”

“Well they deserve it! They’re rude to everyone else in this school and they shouldn’t be because they’re all idiots!” I stomped my foot in protest. Daniel placed his hands up in a defensive mode as he shook his head.

“I know they are. Well let’s go get your bag back.” He instructed before he turned on his heel and began to walk towards the football locker room. I watched for a second as I saw his shoulders broaden with his steps. His fists clenched at his sides and that’s when I ran up beside him.

We were silent while we walked towards the door, but once we reached the blue door I stopped for a second. A million scenarios flashed before my eyes and I grabbed onto Daniel’s forearm.

“What if something happens?” I looked up at Daniel. He looked into my scared eyes before lightly moving in front of me, so I was staring at his shoulder. My petite size hid behind him as I looked up at him. I saw his jaw clench before it loosened.

“Stay out here.”


“Don’t come in.” He instructed me before he opened up the door and walked into the change room.


I waited against the brick wall of the school as I stared at the blue door. I didn’t know where Daniel was and my eyes kept darting to my watch to check the time. Ten minutes felt like an hour as my foot continued to tap on the tiled floor. My head shot up as I heard the door open. Daniel came walking out of the change room with my bag in his hand. I ran over to him and tackled him in a hug.

“Oh my God you’re safe! I was so worried!” I looked up at him as I scanned his face: no bruises.

“I wasn’t gone for that long.” He said.

“But it was you and the whole team Dan! You could’ve gotten hurt!”

“I don’t think they would’ve beaten me up for a schoolbag. But it would’ve been worth it,” I gave him a confused look at he gave me a wink. “since you would’ve smiled.” I felt my cheeks begin to heat up as he placed my bag on my shoulders and walked with me out of the school.


God doesn’t exist. That’s the conclusion my mind came to as it was still processing the news. I didn’t know if I was even living anymore. My heart had stopped beating and I didn’t feel any air in my lungs. I was just hoping this was all a bad dream. A nightmare. 

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Okay girl where do I start lol okay well first off I guess I'll start with all of you're accomplishments and awards, yes I did read them because I so happen to come across it yesterday when I was playing with my old iPod and the internet history was still up and I happened to it and that you've startd to write a new story and I just automatically gotten so happy from it. It just pretty much made my day especially since you as a person been through so much and stuff and you just write so

effortlessly it seems like you dont even have any problems in this ugly real world that we live in and its a good thing it seems like you put on “happy mask” just to get through the day and Im proud of you because high schools tough and im on my last year and its a journey it really is but you’ve made it and it paid off in the end, and I’ve been in the same boat with those type of thoughts that you had and I WILL ALWAYS keep reading your’re amazing stories hun so I’ll always be here your’re a very strong person and an inspiration it makes me want to work harder I’ll always be here on Tumblr reading them dont you forget that. Dont forget how much your’re worth your only worth how much you think youre worth or what people might put a label on and thats not important you have to KNOW how much youre worth and youre priceless love I’ll be here if you need anything like I’ve always been from day one giving you feedback lol I’ll keeping reading too take care hun ♥♥♥

OMG! THIS IS SO SWEET! AHHHH! I JUST WANT TO SMOTHER YOU IN HUGS! Thank you so much hun! Your message means so much to me! I had to put it in my Happy Memories file! And ya high school is that point in life that’s really hard, but know that I’m always here for you guys! I always put all of you readers ahead of everything! It’s readers like you that make me want to keep writing since you guys are the actual best and I love you all so much. I know I had to disappear, but I needed to help myself out for once especially since I’m in university now, but now I want to give this another shot. Thank you again for your kind words sweetheart! These made me smile so much tonight! God bless you! ♥♥♥