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This Wasn’t A Mistake! {Diggy Simmons Love Story}

Chapter 17

‘Celest Amora Estela Jones Is a Cheater!’

            Celest is no stranger to the public. She is one of the biggest international stars of our time (The girl version of Justin Beiber as some say). She is also one of the sweetest that we’ve met. She is a caring person and a big friends and family person. Her own best friend, Diggy Simmons, says she is ‘The realest person that you will meet’. So hearing this news has shocked us.

            Jessica Jarrell has come forth about her break-up with Diggy Simmons. They have only been apart for a week. Jessica and Diggy have both kept quiet about their break-up, but now Jessica has spoken out.

            “Diggy and I broke-up because of Celest. She’s cheating on her boyfriend, Alex, with Diggy. She comes off as a sweet, nice girl, but I am here to tell you that she isn’t. She forced Diggy to break-up with me because she didn’t want to lose her boyfriend on the side. Don’t be fooled by her kindness.” Jessica Jarrell said when speaking to us.

            We have had the pleasure to know Celest. This is truly a shock to all of us. There are several possible explanations here:

  •         Jessica is lying
  •         Diggy broke-up with Jessica because he wanted to
  •         Jessica is lashing out on an innocent Celest
  •         Jessica is telling the truth

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There was the truth. It was printed in black and white. It was also sitting right in front of me. I didn’t know what to do. Everything could be ruined. Alex will see this. My dad will see this.

“Cel…what’s wrong?” Val brought me back to reality.

“I…there’s…I’m screwed.” I said.

“That made no sense. Explain yourself!” She said.

“On the magazine in front of me it says ‘Celest Amora Estela Jones Is A Cheater’.” I said.

“What? What’s it about?” She asked.

“Jessica told them…everything. She said how I’m cheating on Alex with Diggy and that’s why he broke-up with her.” I said.

“How did she even know that you two were even together?” She asked me.

“I don’t know. I didn’t tell her. Dig didn’t and neither did the guys.” I said.

“Why would she do this?” She asked me.

“Because she needed to get back at me.” I said.

“Well did it work?” She asked me.

“My career is gonna be effected by this…big time.” I said.

“Oh shit.” She said.

“I gotta go. My grandma is calling me.” I said.

“Ok. Call me later.” She said. She then hung up and I changed the line to talk to my grandmother.

“Hola abuela (Hi grandma).” I said.

“Hola Celest.” She said.

Cómo estás?( How are you?)” I asked.

Muy bien. Cómo estás? (Very well. How are you?)” She asked me.

“Simplemente genial. (Just great.)” I said.

De todas formas yo quería decirte que tu mamá me mostró la foto de su tatuaje. (Anyways I wanted to tell you that your mom showed me the picture of your tattoo.)” She said.

“Te gusta? (Do you like it?)” I asked.

“Es maravilloso. (It’s wonderful.)” She said. On my right hand I had a tattoo. It starts at the bottom of my thumb. In cursive writing it says ‘Siga la Luna’. Which means ‘Follow the Moon’. My grandma always used to say that to me growing up. At the beginning of the quote is a shooting star that goes over the first word. It’s written towards me because it’s for me. It reminds me of my grandma and my goal in life. My goal: aim for the moon.


After getting off the phone with my grandma I lied down on my bed. I didn’t know what to do. My dad was going to find out for sure. Alex was definitely going to found out. This is a blessing in disguise. Diggy and I can finally go out in public as a couple. The downside to this is that this can ruin my career. My career might go downhill for this. All because of Jessica. I was pulled out of my thought by a knock at my door. I got up and opened up my door. 

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